Anniversary 2023: Photo Competition

Please submit your photographs celebrating ISAP’s 20th anniversary and win a special ISAP prize.


  • Winner: your own choice of a DOI prefix for your next publication in ISAPNews (e.g. 10.53187/INW.00001; or your birthday; it must fit the formatting requirements) plus two different items of ISAP anniversary merchandise (e.g. T-shirt, mug).
  • Runner-ups (i.e. second places) in different categories: each runner-up will receive two different items of ISAP anniversary merchandise (e.g. T-shirt, mug).
  • From all the submissions, photographs will be selected to feature in a special ISAPNews article covering the competition and to be shown on ISAPNews front pages.


The prizes will be announced at ICAP2023 in Kiel in March 2023 and winners will receive their certificate at that ceremony, if they are attending.

Closing Date

1 March 2023


  • Each photograph must feature prominently ‘ISAP-in-a-box’, the folded and glued cut-out model of the ISAP logo (download and print as pdf or Inkscape svg). This must be present in the scene and not edited-in afterwards.
  • The image must be related broadly to ISAP and/or archaeological prospection (fieldwork, laboratory, computer and processing, people, equipment ...).
  • If you want, you can add further boxes with other images, for example by editing the svg file with your own graphics.
  • Every ISAP members may submit one or more photographs, which will be judged individually.
  • Although you will retain copyright of the photograph, by submitting you grant ISAP permission to publish it with only minor edits (e.g. cropping).
  • When taking the photograph, you must obtain permission from all persons recognisable that the photo may be published by ISAP. By submiting your photograph you confirm to have obtained such permission(s).


All submitted photographs will be judged anonymously by a panel of ISAP members who are not participating in the competition.


Please submit the photographs by email to in jpg, png or tif format. If your submission is large you can also use other electronic means to make it available to this email address.