EAC Guidelines

The European Archaeological Council (EAC) has commissioned geophysics guidelines which are available online as the second in their series of Guidelines.

EAC Guidelines 2

Link to pdf (local copy)

Armin Schmidt, Paul Linford, Neil Linford, Andrew David, Chris Gaffney, Apostolos Sarris and Jörg Fassbinder (2015). Guidelines for the use of Geophysics in Archaeology: Questions to Ask and Points to Consider.
Namur: Europae Archaeologia Consilium (EAC).

The EAC mastercopy can be found at http://www.europae-archaeologiae-consilium.org/eac-guidlines [Note: this link calls various scripts from wix.com]

Country specific comments and additions to these guidelines will be available from this web page.

ISAP Members can purchase a hardcopy at a greatly reduced price.

Please send feedback to Armin Schmidt at A.Schmidt 'at' Bradford.ac.uk