ISAPNews 14

Published 01/2008

  • Editor's Note by Louise Martin
  • Geophysics and the IFA by A. Schmidt, C. Gaffney
  • Non-Destructive Evaluation of Historic Buildings: Zuccari Palace in Rome (Italy) by P. M. Barone, E. Pettinelli, P. A. Annan, D. J. Redman
  • A Magnetic Survey of Crow Agency II, Montana, USA by S. L. De Vore
  • Archaeomagnetic Turkey-shoot in the Trent Valley by I. Hill, K. Challis, K. Jeffrey, C. Leech, N. Linford, D. Knight, B. Smith, D. Wardrop
  • Geophysical Survey in the Archaeologically Un-investigated Parts of Czech Oppida by R. Krivanek
  • Back to Bedlam: Archaeology, Geophysics and Great War training landscapes by P. Masters
  • Conference, Seminar and Course Announcements
  • Announcement
  • Journal Notifications

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