ISAPNews 16

Published 07/2008

  • Editor's Note by Louise Martin
  • Georadar Studies in a Sand Dune Archaeological Site in Bahia De Los Muertos, Baja California Sur, Mexico by L Barba, A Ortiz, J Blancas, A Rosales
  • Pilot study of the new multichannel GPR system MIRA for large scale, high-resolution archaeological prospection at the site of the Viking town Birka in Sweden by I Trinks, J Nissen, B Johansson, J Emilsson, C Gustafsson, J Friborg, J Gustafsson
  • A New Magnetic Cart System for Archaeological Prospection by D Pilz, C Meyer, H Zoellner
  • Preliminary Field Trials with the MVM1 Magnetic Viscosity Meter by D Lynch
  • ISAP announcement
  • Journal Notifications
  • Conference, Seminar and Course Announcements

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